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Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife

Joy is happy to announce she has found her dream job! Called to serve as a practitioner in this model of care, Joy finds fulfillment in caring for the bodies, minds, and souls of women and their families. She possesses a strong belief in the body's amazing ability to heal and function properly when we take time to listen to its cues.


Joy brings vast experience to Doxology. Many years as a practitioner in midwifery, lactation, health promotion, and psychiatry have reinforced the importance of exploring the root cause of problems, symptoms, and dysfunction. She does not take a ‘band-aid’ approach to her patient's concerns.

Joy has studied at The Ohio State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree; at American University in Washington DC, receiving her Master’s degree in Health/Fitness Management; at the University of Michigan, receiving her Master’s degree in Parent/child nurse-midwifery; and at Case Western Reserve University where she received a post-Master’s degree in nursing- psychiatric/mental health NP and is a current Doctorate of Nursing Practice student.


Joy is a hometown girl. She was born and raised in the Cleveland area, where she first worked as a midwife in the hospital unit where she was born. She is the middle child of 7, the mom of 2 adult daughters, and pet grandma to 3 ducks and 2 dogs. Her love of laughter, hiking, bike riding, and ice cream truck hunting all make her feel like a kid again... which is why we love having her on our team!

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